Hull E

Manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Focus  Cargo
Maximum Crew  3 persons
Standalone Price  550 USD
Length 372 meters
Mass 3,241,052 Kg
Cargo Capacity 98304
Primary Engines  10 x TR13
Power Plant  1 x TBD
Gimbal mount  6 x S4, 2 x S3
Max Shield  1 x S7

Hull E General Information

The largest specialized freighter available on the market today, the Hull E is generally owned by major corporations and operated with a high degree of planning. The lack of maneuverability inherent in such a large ship means that anyone planning to operate them should be careful about equipping turrets and providing escort. Their potential load (and modularity) is unparalleled, however: no other ship allows as much room to store goods or to modify towards another role!




Tips & Notes

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