Alpha in Star Citizen is covered on this page. Presently players can purchase the game and select a starter package from their website to get started with the limited amount of content available. Periodically developer Cloud Imperium Games adds features via alpha updates that are designed to bring the game closer to launch status. Presently, Alpha Update 3.0 is scheduled to launch in August and will add numerous features including the ability to seamlessly land on and explore planets.



Star Citizen has now has a few components to offer supporters who want to play today while the game continues its development.

  • A hangar which you can view and explore ships you purchased
  • An Arena Commander mode which you can fight or race against other players in your space ship
  • A limited MMO-style universe (called Persistent Universe) with several missions and a handful of places to explore with some space ports, landing zones on planets and more
  • Star Marine, a fast-paced battleground where players put the FPS gameplay through its paces, testing the seamless third and first person unified animations, zero-G combat, and a variety of high-tech weapons.

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