Hull A

Manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Focus  Cargo
Maximum Crew  1
Standalone Price  60 USD
Length 22 meters
Mass 14,303 Kg
Cargo Capacity 48
Primary Engines  1 x TR5
Power Plant  1 x TBD
Gimbal mount  2 x S1
Max Shield  1 x TBD

Hull A General Information

The smallest, most affordable Hull. The Hull A is great for those just striking out in the galaxy on their own. The Hull A is most similar to the Aurora and Mustang, but lacks the ‘jack of all trades' nature. Where the others trade cargo capacity for firepower or speed, the Hull A is 100% on-mission transport! Additionally, Hull A (and B) are often used as station-to-orbit ferries.




Tips & Notes

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