FAQs of Star Citizen are listed in this page.



What package should I pick to play this game? 

 Star Citizen is currently in Alpha stage, and you need to buy a package to play it. You may want to start with MUSTANG ALPHA SC or AURORA MR SC with Squadron 42 combo, and upgrade your ships later in the game. (It is promised by Roberts Space Industries that all ships can be purchased by in-game currencies after the game is finished.)

How to start a game?

 Star Citizen is a game with many components, to start the MMO style universe survive game. Simply chose Universe on main menu, then chose one of the space port you want to spawn (currently Area 18 and Crusader), select the quick join and press Launch.

To play Arena Commander or Star Marine, chose Electronic Access and select the mode you want to play.

You can also go check your hangar by click Hangar on main menu.

Why cant I see my ships in hangar?

In the middle of the hanger there is a node, interact with this node to call out your ship. Sometimes your ships wont just show up because its too big and where you stand blocked it. Simply move to the edge of hangar so your ship has enough space to spawn.

How do I get in my ship?

 Move towards your ship, then press F when there is a USE icon showed on screen.


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