Vanguard Harbinger

Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
Focus Bomber
Maximum Crew  2
Standalone Price  295 USD
Length  37 meters
Mass 52,000 Kg
Cargo Capacity  0
Primary Engines  2 x TR4
Maneuvering thrusters  12 x S2
Power Plant  2 x S2
Fixed mount  4 x S2, 1 x S5
Pylon mount  3 x S2, 2 x S3
Manned turret  1 x S2
Max Shield   6 x S2

Vanguard Harbinger General Information

The Vanguard Harbinger is Earth's standard fighter-bomber, converting the standard Warden model's escape pod into a potent bomb bay. The extended range of the Vanguard and the relatively small profile mean that it can go where carrier-based planes or larger strategic bombers don't… and then strike hard and make it back to frontier bases. The Vanguard Harbinger is a powerful bomber that can operate out of the roughest forward operating bases.




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