Revel & York

Type Hangar Manufacturing
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Revel & York is a hangar manufacturing company in Star Citizen.


Revel & York General Information

When the Revel & York engineering corporation set about designing its first hangar some thirty years ago, the reaction was laughter. The company, known best for excessively expensive and visibly uncomfortable furniture, was entering a field dominated by aerospace giants. The laughter ceased quickly as the Revel & York "deluxe" line of hangars became the de-facto spacecraft garage of the rich and powerful. The company's cavernous hangars, established on ideal landing spaces in top-dollar land agreements, earned their standing reputation for excellence and quality.

Revel & York designers work directly with pilots to develop a hangar experience like no other. R&Y is the only company currently constructing modular hangars designed to support merchantman-class spacecraft like the Constellation and Caterpillar, locking them into a valuable if small segment of the population. Their hangar designs have earned their reputation: between interlocking catwalks (with motorized lifts!) to allow pilots to supervise their spacecraft from overhead, to specially designed Greycat PV buggies for transporting ship crews from module to module, everything is designed for not just the elite pilots' usability but also their overall enjoyment. SELF-LAND and competitors make a place to put your ship; Revel & York makes a place for you to take it in.


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