Private Investigator Wanted

Quest Giver  
Type Investigate Mission


Private Investigator Wanted is a  Investigate Mission in Star Citizen.


Private Investigator Wanted General Information

Immediate need for an experienced and discreet Private Investigator near Crusader to look into an insurance matter.

Fiat rate. No expenses. Start date will be as soon as possible. If you are interested track this listing



Private Investigator Wanted Walkthrough

  1. Travel to Covalex Shipping Hub
  2. Find the elevator shaft and go up to Deck 3 Habitation
  3. Collect the audio data in EZ Hab 1
  4. Find the data pad at the bottom right of the Elevator Shaft
  5. Locate the data pad in the top right of the cargo area
  6. Enter the control room next to the cargo area and retrieve the security information from a data pad
  7. Open the door of EZ hab 3 and acquire data form the data pad
  8. Upload the evidence at the first control room for happy ending.



Private Investigator Wanted Rewards

  • 1000 aUEC



Private Investigator Wanted Tips and Notes

  • There are two endings for the mission depends on the player's actions
  • It is possible to encounter other players during mission.





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