PAB-4 Light Armor

Manufacturer Clark Defense Systems
Function Suit
Price 9500 UEC
EVA Capable Yes

PAB-4 Light Armor is a Suit in Star Citizen.


PAB-4 Light Armor General Information

When speed and mobility are essential, CDS's PAB-4 (Personal Ablative/Ballistic) light personal armor is the perfect choice, balancing durability while still providing for maximum maneuverability. The PAB-4 utilizes a cutting-edge micro weave blend capable of withstanding multiple hits and remaining battle-ready. Popular and widely used amongst the Advocacy, security forces, and discerning civilians.

In Alpha 2.6, the PAB-4 can be purchased from Cubby Blast in Area 18 and Garrity Defence on Port Olisar.



PAB-4 Light Armor Notes & Tips

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