P4-AR Ballistic Rifle

Manufacturer Behring
Function Personal Weapon
Price 1800 UEC
Type Primary
Size Medium
Magazine Size 30/60
Reload Time  

P4-AR Ballistic Rifle is a Personal Weapon in Star Citizen.


P4-AR Ballistic Rifle General Information

Behring's classic P4-AR rifle. The P4-AR features a collapsible stock and shortened barrel, making it an ideal choice for close-quarters firefights. Its accuracy and general ease of use make it universally valued among security, military and civilian users.

The P4-AR is the standard weapon of the UEE Marines.

In Alpha 2.6 it can be purchased from Cubby Blast in Area18 and Live Fire Weapons on Port Olisar.

The current P4-AR was adapted by CIG from what was previously called the P4-SC, due to being more like an Assault Rifle than an SMG. Meanwhile, the old unseen P4-AR was either shelved or repurposed as another gun.



P4-AR Ballistic Rifle Notes & Tips

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