MK-4 Frag Grenade

Manufacturer Behring
Function Personal Weapon
Price 75 UEC
Type Grenade
Magazine Size  
Reload Time  

MK-4 Frag Grenade is a Personal Weapon in Star Citizen.


MK-4 Frag Grenade General Information

A continuation of the iconic hand grenade first produced by Behring in 2984, the MK-4 is an anti-personnel fragmentation grenade capable of saturating the kill zone with lethal projectiles and a devastating concussive blast.

A fragmentation grenade is an anti-personnel weapon that is designed to disperse small projectiles or fragments on detonation. The body may be made of hard plastic or steel. The outer casing and/or a fragmentation matrix consisting of notched wire and preformed fragments provide the projectiles.

Grenades are normally either offensive or defensive, depending on the effective casualty radius. If this exceeds the distance at which a soldier can reasonably be expected to throw the grenade, he must do so from, or be able to get into, some form of cover.

In Alpha 2.6 a MK-4 Frag Grenade is part of the default loadout.



MK-4 Frag Grenade Notes & Tips

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