Kayfa II

Owner Ship Xi'An
System Kayfa System
Sub Areas  
Type Terrestrial Rocky
Habitable Yes


Kayfa I is a Planet in Star Citizen.



Kayfa II Information

A terraformed terrestrial world with an unbelievably long daily rotation. One day on Kayfa II is 100 Xi'An years (approximately 128 Standard Earth Years). The 100 year day has attained religious significance and led monks to believe there is nothing holier than spending an entire day here meditating. Not all Xi'An tourists are that dedicated, but may still visit the planet's beautifully cultivated gardens, which are famous for growing the Centennial Bloom plants that blossom one night every hundred years.



Kayfa II Point of Interest



Landing Zone

  • ?


  • None

Space Stations

  • None

Asteroid Belts/Fields

  • None


Kayfa II Quests

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Kayfa II Notes and Tips

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