Manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Focus  Mercantile
Maximum Crew  2
Standalone Price  110 USD
Length  32 meters
Mass  26,000 Kg
Cargo Capacity  52
Primary Engines  2 x TR5
Maneuvering thrusters  8 x TR2
Power Plant  1 x S5
Pylon mount  2 x S2, 2 x S3
Unmanned turret 2 x S2
Manned turret 1 x S1
Max Shield  1 x S5
Additional Equipment  1 x S1

Freelancer General Information

Freelancers are used as long haul merchant ships by major corporations, but they are just as frequently repurposed as dedicated exploration vessels by independent captains who want to operate on the fringes of the galaxy.




Tips & Notes

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