Esperia Inc.

Type Spaceship Manufacturing
Founder Jovi Ingstrom, Theo Ingstrom
Founded in 2873


Esperia Inc. is a ship manufacturer and producer of xeno-technology replications. Apart from manufacturing alien vessels, the company also funds several xenoarchaeology research grants through the University of Rhetor. Current CEO of Esperia is Danna Manley.


Esperia Inc. History


Esperia was started by Jovi and Theo lngstrom, two brothers who were obsessed with spaceflight while growing up on Terra. As they tried to learn all' they could, these two brothers realized that only a fraction of ship designs managed to be passed down through the centuries. While there were many ships that never saw production runs, that didn't mean that there weren't any kernels of good ideas in the designs. Created in 2873, Esperia was initially conceived as a repository for these lost ship blueprints, in the hopes that current ship engineers could be inspired by the missteps of the past. The business exploded, and it wasn't long before the brothers decided to try and build their first ship based off one of the long lost designs.

Since then, Esperia has expanded its manufacturing arm to build ships not only for private collectors, but for military training exercises. It provided xeno-spacecraft reproductions for the UEE military.

Conflict with Vanduul

The Vanduul War is not some distant threat, to paraphrase Admiral Bishop: it is at our door. Vega. Now Oberon. Who knows what system could be struck next? Citizens and civilians need to be able to protect themselves against the Vanduul, and they need to be able to do it now before it's too late. I am thrilled that Esperia has the ability to facilitate this important effort. These Blade light fighters are not only effective defensive tools, but more importantly, they are ready and available for purchase today.

                                      –Esperia CEO Charlotte Hussion

Esperia has promised to donating a large percentage of his Blade sale incomes to the UEEN Veteran Relief Fund after the attack on Vega II.



Esperia has always stayed true to the original experience of the ship; that was the tenet established by the lngstrom brothers when Esperia first branched into ship reproduction. Esperia's astroengineers are not allowed diverge from the original construction method when it changes the experience of the ship, even though ship construction techniques might have made significant advances in efficiency, safety, and aesthetics since the time that the original design was first introduced.



Esperia began with the reproduction of the Prowler after an original Tevarin Prowler ship were found on the abandoned planet Kabal III in 2941. Esperia were contracted by the UEE to assess the technology and reproduction of it with newer technology.


Xenoarchaeology research

The lngstrom Fellowship selects eight recipients a year for their work in the advancement in the field of xenoarchaeology.


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