Avenger Titan Renegade

Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
Focus N/A
Maximum Crew  1
Standalone Price  
Length  19 meters
Mass  18,500 Kg
Cargo Capacity  4
Primary Engines  1 x TR4
Maneuvering thrusters  8 x TR1
Power Plant  1 x S3
Fixed mount  2 x S1
Gimbal mount 1 x S3
Pylon mount  2 x S3
Max Shield  1 x S3

Avenger Titan Renegade General Information

Created as part of the ‘Masters of Flight' series in conjunction with the flight-sim Arena Commander, the Renegade pays tribute to famed pilot Danny Solomon for his notable work with the Advocacy to bring justice to Bremen. This Avenger Titan comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting focused loadout and a custom special edition livery honoring this iconic ship.




Tips & Notes

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