KLWE Gallant Energy Rifle

Manufacturer Klaus & Werner
Function Personal Weapon
Price 4000 UEC
Type Primary
Magazine Size 20
Reload Time  
Ammo Energy

KLWE Gallant Energy Rifle is a Personal Weapon in Star Citizen.


KLWE Gallant Energy Rifle General Information

Klaus & Werner's Arrowhead Model VI long-range energy rifle features a fiberglass composite body capable of withstanding any number of rigorous environments both in atmosphere and out. Built with a precision scope, compound stock and built-in bipod, the Arrowhead offers a stable and devastating weapon for operators who want to keep their distance but stay in the fight

In Alpha 2.6 it can be purchased from Cubby Blast in Area18 and Skutters on GrimHEX.



KLWE Gallant Energy Rifle Notes & Tips

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