Armor-piercing Crossbow

Manufacturer Iolo Industries
Function Personal Weapon
Type Crossbow
Range 50 m
Magazine Size  
Reload Time  
Ammo bolts

Armor-piercing Crossbow is a Personal Weapon in Star Citizen.


Armor-piercing Crossbow General Information

The Armor-piercing crossbow is an elegant weapon that has proved itself capable of repelling boarders effectively time and again over the centuries. It stands well above laser sidearms in terms of armor penetration, the ideal weapon for anyone needing to blast through two inches of plasteel space armor. Designed and hand-crafted by David Watson, these rare crossbows are prized by pilots for their reliability and their low level of required maintenance. This weapon is an exact replica of the one created for Richard “Lord British” Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar.



Armor-piercing Crossbow Notes & Tips

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