Xi'an Khartu-al

Manufacturer Xi'An
Focus  Light Fighter
Maximum Crew  1
Standalone Price  
Length  10 meters
Mass  15,308 Kg
Cargo Capacity  0
Primary Engines  4 x TR3
Maneuvering thrusters  8 x TR2
Power Plant  1 x S4
Fixed mount  1 x TBD
Gimbal mount  1 x TBD
Max Shield  1 x S4
Additional Equipment  1 x S1

Xi'an Khartu-al General Information

The Xi'An Aopoa corporation manufactures an export model of the Qhire Khartu, the Khartu-al, for sale to human civilians as a dedicated scout/explorer. The export model features the same Xi'an maneuvering rig, but control surfaces modified for human use and a more limited armament.



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