Tiber system

Ownership  Vanduul
UEE Strategic Value  
Planets 2
Type Single Star
Jump points 4

Tiber system is a System in Star Citizen.



Tiber system General Information

Discovered during the Project Far Star push, the UEE constructed multiple stations in the systems in lieu of terraforming the two planets. After the Vanduul attacks in Orion, Tiber quickly transformed into a military staging area. It was here where they managed to stop the Vanduul advance. The system became a battleground, leading to its ominous nickname, “Grinder.” The crushing defeat after the Siege of Tiber sent the UEE military scrambling back into Virgil. 



Tiber system Points of Interests




  • -

Jump Points

Asteroid Belts/Fields

  • Tiber Belt Alpha

Tiber system Tips and Notes

  • Black Market:
  • Crime Status:
  • Import:
  • Export:


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