Shubin Interstellar

Type Terraforming
Founder Martha Shubin
Founded in 2410
Headquarters MicroTech


Shubin Interstellar is a multi-faceted mining and terraforming corporation based in the UEE.


Shubin Interstellar General Information

Dubbed the Hidden Empire by economic historian Dr. Edward Nogel, Shubin Interstellar has become one of the most expansive companies in UEE history, with profits to rival any system's and an employee base large enough to fill one. And while most people are familiar with the company by name, because a large portion of their business happens in the most remote parts of space, few are aware of how massive a corporate entity Shubin really is. Yet from its very inception, Shubin was created with big plans in mind.



Mining Division

Shubin Interstellar's Mining Division is a multi-billion credit enterprise, responsible for the construction and management of dig sites in dozens of locations. They are dedicated to the discovery, acquisition, and transportation of mineral resources in a manner that is both safe and profitable. 

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