Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
Focus  Fighter
Maximum Crew  1
Standalone Price  
Length  26 meters
Mass  18,000 Kg
Cargo Capacity  0
Primary Engines  2 x TR3
Maneuvering thrusters  8 x TR2
Power Plant  3 x TBD
Fixed mount  2 x S3
Gimbal mount  2 x S3
Pylon mount  2 x S2
Max Shield  4 x TBD

Sabre General Information

Part of Aegis Dynamics' Phase Two of new ship models, the Sabre was designed as a space superiority fighter for those situations where you need to leave a lighter footprint. Designed to be a rapid responder, the Sabre is more than capable of establishing battlefield dominance for any number of combat scenarios.



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Tips & Notes

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