Type Hangar Manufacturing
Founder Peter Weathermen
Founded in mid-29th century


SELF-LAND is a budget hangar manufacturer. Incorporated by Peter Weathermen, a wealthy guild licensed shipper who made his living on the active spacelanes, SELF-LAND hangars have become an ever-present reminder of just how easy it is for Humans to travel the stars. The corporation was founded on the philosophy that the temporary hangars available to transiting pilots were inaccessible, inaffordable and most importantly unsafe. (Weathermen began developing the company after he was jumped by a gang of dock-thugs who stripped his Starfarer to the hull plating.)


SELF-LAND General Information

Starting in the mid-29th century, SELF-LAND began a franchising-based expansion across the Human-inhabited galaxy. The first SELF-LAND was established by Weathermen on Vann in the Croshaw System. Seemingly overnight, the company had expanded to a dozen worlds... and then a hundred. Today, the SELF-LAND corporation boasts that they maintain at least one facility on every world in the UEE, with some planets (Terra chief among them) having as many as sixty different complexes. SELF-LAND hangars are fully modular and environmentally controlled. Prefabricated out of the most available common metals, they aren't necessarily attractive to look at … but they are comfortable and familiar. The SELF-LAND experience on a colony world near Vanduul space is exactly the same as that available to a pilot berthing on Earth. The SELF-LAND corporation takes care of everything, from structure design to land titles. Because of their design, the same hangar type can be used in configurations ranging from skyscraping heights, to the breadth of a plain, to stacked underground, or to honeycombed deep within asteroids.


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