Reliant Tana - Skirmisher

Manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Focus Defense
Maximum Crew  2
Standalone Price  
Length  13 meters
Mass  18,750 Kg
Cargo Capacity  10
Primary Engines  2 x TR1
Maneuvering thrusters  12 x TR1
Power Plant  1 x S2
Fixed mount  4 x S1
Unmanned turret  2 x S2
Max Shield   1 x S4

Reliant Tana - Skirmisher General Information

With Humanity ever-expanding through the universe, the need for a versatile lightweight fighter has expanded with it. Easy to maintain with a rugged construction, the Reliant Tana makes for an ideal choice for frontier and outpost defense thanks to its custom high-yield power plant, stronger shields and additional weapon mounts.    




Tips & Notes

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