Power Plant of a ship is generating power by burning fuel, such as antimatter. The powerplant is the power source for all powered ship component systems. Fusion powered reactors are reactors that use hydrogen as a fuel. This hydrogen is also used as propellant for the thrusters. They are customizable components of your ship.


Ship Components






Amon & Reese knows from years of experience just how hard the military can push their ships. Their OverDrive power plant was designed from the ground up to not only handle those tough conditions with less overheating, but to provide the same dependability and power to civilians as well. 1600 REC
The Regulus is the power plant you can count on when everyone is counting on you. Made to exceed exacting military standards, Aegis' design team has made sure that you have the extra power you need, when you need it most. 1700 REC


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