ORC-mkX Medium Armor

Manufacturer Clark Defense Systems
Function Suit
Price 14000 UEC
EVA Capable Yes

ORC-mkX Medium Armor is a Suit in Star Citizen.


ORC-mkX Medium Armor General Information

The mark X is the latest in CDS's award winning Omni-Role Combat armor series. This EVA-rated suit features new EdgeCore composite weave technology, maximizing protection against projectiles, explosives and the elements while minimizing operator agility. CDS engineers worked closely with militray and security professionals to redefines modern combat suits.

In Alpha 2.6, the ORC-mkX can be purchased from Cubby Blast in Area 18 and Garrity Defence on Port Olisar in an olive skin. It is also available in Star Marine in a dark green skin.

Protector Marines use the ORC-mkX, providing an adequate amount of ballistic resistance while sacrificing a very minimal amount of movement speed. This is the most commonly chosen armor loadout for new recruits.



ORC-mkX Medium Armor Notes & Tips

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