Mustang Alpha

Manufacturer Consolidated Outland
Focus Starter
Maximum Crew 1
Standalone Price 30 USD
Length 18 meters
Mass 13,500 Kg
Cargo Capacity 10
Primary Engines 2 x TR2
Maneuvering thrusters 8 x TR1
Power Plant 1 x S2
Fixed mount 2 x S1
Unmanned turret 1 x S1
Max Shield 1 x S2

Mustang Alpha General Information

Inspired by Consolidated Outland CEO Silas Koerner's cutting edge vision, the Mustang Alpha is a sleek, stylish spacecraft that uses ultralight alloys to push power ratios to the limits, albeit sometimes unsafely. And now, with the optional Cargo Carrier, you can have the Alpha's advantages without sacrificing carrying capacity.




Tips & Notes

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