Klaus & Werner

Type Weapon Manufacturing
Founder Hector Klaus
Jassica Werner
Founded in  


Klaus & Werner is a weapon manufacturing company that was founded by Hector Klaus and Jassica Werner. They have some contracts with the UEE Navy and Army, but their weapons are mostly made for personal defense.


Klaus & Werner General Information

This simple philosophy was the brainchild of Hector Klaus, a successful weapons inventor who believed above all else that simplicity of design would triumph in a combat situation. He long advocated creating weapons with as few moving parts as possible, reducing the needed supply chain and wherever possible rethinking weapon roles. He began his career working in Behring's famed Terra lab, where his designs were applauded but his philosophy ignored. Military contracts were most profitable when they meant that a company would continue to produce replacement parts, upgrade kits and other maintenance supplies. A chance meeting with Jassica Werner, the widow of a wealthy industrialist, lead to Klaus' resignation from Behring and the founding of a new company based on his principles.

In the ensuing years, Klaus & Werner has become a household name. Civilian pilots of all stripes rely on their affordably priced, effective guns systems and their personal arms division has seen great success. The company has had little success in the military arena, though. Repeated bids for lucrative military contracts have resulted in only token production orders, with the Army and Navy continuing to rely on Behring and other well-established standards for their weapons technologies.


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