Kellog system

Ownership Developing
UEE Strategic Value  
Planets 6
Type Single Star
Jump points 4

Kellog system is a System in Star Citizen.



Kellog system General Information

Though it sits on the border of Vanduul Space, the system is under heavy watch for two other reasons. The first is the discovery of life on Kellog II [Xis] which placed that planet under the protection of the Fair Chance Act. The second is that the UEE converted the system's last planet into the prison world Quarter Deck [Kellog VI]. However, frequently trips into the system by bounty hunters and haulers make it the busiest developing system in the UEE. 




Kellog system Points of Interests


Jump Points

Asteroid Belts/Fields

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Kellog system Tips and Notes

  • Black Market:
  • Crime Status:
  • Import:
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