Javelin-class Destroyer

Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
Focus  Capital Ship
Maximum Crew  23
Standalone Price  2500 USD
Length  345 meters
Cargo Capacity  5400
Primary Engines  4 x TR7, 12 x TR4
Maneuvering thrusters  
Power Plant  2 x S8
Gimbal mount  13 x S5
Capital Fixed STS 2 x S7
Capital Pylon  2 x TBD
Max Shield  1 x S14

Javelin-class Destroyer General Information

Designed for use by the UEE military, the Javelin is a massive, modular capital ship that can be appropriated for entrepreneurial use. With a detailed interior, plenty of modular room options and a high crew capacity, the Javelin is a ship intended for group play.



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Tips & Notes

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