Indra System

Ownership Xi'an
UEE Strategic Value  
Planets 2
Type Binary
Size 31 AU
Jump points 4

Indra System is a System in Star Citizen.




Indra System General Information

A binary star system on the border of Human and Xi'an space, Indra is a former Perry Line system that the Xi'an have designated as a vibrant and diverse shipping hub where capital ships dock yo unload cargo for tranport deeper into Xi'an space. This free flow of trade has led to more relaxed security protocols than other Xi'an systems. It has also become a popular destination among Xi'an youth looking to experience Human culture without fully venturing into UEE territory.





Indra System Points of Interests




  • -

Jump Points

Asteroid Belts/Fields

  • Indra Belt Alpha


Indra System Tips and Notes

  • Black Market:
  • Crime Status:
  • Import:
  • Export:


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