Horus system

Ownership  UEE
UEE Strategic Value  
Planets 3
Type Single Star
Jump points 3

Horus system is a System in Star Citizen.



Horus system General Information

One of the systems that made up the Perry Line, Horus was once considered a 'focal-point system' thanks to its multiple jump points into Xi'An space, assimilated into the UEE once the line was dissolved. Now that the system has been demilitarized, the public have taken up residence on the small planet for Horus I while UEE officials study Horus II for potential terraforming.



Horus system Points of Interests



  • -

Jump Points

Asteroid Belts/Fields

  • Horus Belt Alpha
  • Horus Belt Beta

Horus system Tips and Notes

  • Black Market:
  • Crime Status:
  • Import:
  • Export:


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