Fora System

Ownership UEE
UEE Strategic Value  
Planets 5
Type Single Star
Size 14 AU
Jump points 3

Fora System is a System in Star Citizen.




Fora System General Information

Located near Banu territory, surveyors were hopeful that Fora system could become another major trade hub. Unfortunately, it's only habitable planet, Hyperion [Fora III], fell victim to a terraforming mishap that created a perpetual, planet-wide dust storm. Informal censuses of the area indicate that visitors are more likely to encounter a smuggler, outlaw or Banu settler than a UEE Citizen shile in this five-planet system.





Fora System Points of Interests



  • -

Jump Points

Asteroid Belts/Fields

  • Fora Belt Alpha


Fora System Tips and Notes

  • Black Market:
  • Crime Status:
  • Import:
  • Export:


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