F7A Hornet

Manufacturer Anvil Aerospace
Focus Military Close Support
Maximum Crew 1
Standalone Price  
Length 23 meters
Mass 22,933 Kg
Cargo Capacity 0
Primary Engines 1 x TR4
Maneuvering thrusters 8 x TR2
Power Plant 1 x S4
Fixed mount 2 x S2
Gimbal mount 2 x S4
Pylon mount 2 x S1
Unmanned turret 1 x S1, 1 x S2
Max Shield 1 x S4

F7A Hornet General Information

The UEE Navy's premier carrier-based fighter craft, the F7A is the front-line attack ship for military combat missions. While not outfitted for long range runs, the Hornet can take her share of hits... and dish out a consistent, powerful response.




Tips & Notes

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