Charon System

Ownership UEE
UEE Strategic Value  

Charon I

Charon II

Charon III

Charon IV

Charon V

Asteroid Belt Gedinasho Belt
Jump points

Charon - Kins

Charon - Tyrol

Charon - Helios

Charon - Genesis

Crime Status  
Black Market  


Charon System is a System in Star Citizen.

Discovered late in the 25th century, the remote system was home to the Messers' most notorious prisons. Shortly after the fall of the Messers, when declassified data of the atrocities committed in the system came to light, the Governors Council of Charon III officially renounced their recognition by the UEE, becoming the first and only planet to do so. Since then, the planet has been in a near constant state of turmoil as various factions have battled for political and social dominance.


Charon System General Information

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Charon System Points of Interests

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Charon System Tips and Notes

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