Manufacturer Drake Interplanetary
Focus  Interdiction
Maximum Crew  1
Standalone Price  
Length  20 meters
Mass  14,000 Kg
Cargo Capacity  0
Primary Engines  2 x TR3
Maneuvering thrusters  16 x TR1, 2 x TR1
Power Plant  2 x S1
Fixed mount  2 x S1
Gimbal mount  2 x S3
Pylon mount  2 x S1
Unmanned turret  1 x S4
Max Shield  3 x S1

Buccaneer General Information

The Buccaneer has been designed from the ground up to fly and fight the way you live. No leather interiors or hyperpillows here: the ‘Bucc is a scrapper designed to maneuver and fight above its weight class. This rough-and-tumble frontier fighter can be maintained in the worst of conditions in order to keep real, working space crews alive.



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Tips & Notes

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