Achilles Heavy Armor

Manufacturer Virgil Ltd
Function Suit
Price 20000 UEC
EVA Capable Yes

Achilles Heavy Armor is a Suit in Star Citizen.


Achilles Heavy Armor General Information

Claim and hold the battlefield with Achilles personal armor. Designed to endure when others fail, Virgil's Achilles personal heavy armor features full body protection when facing large-caliber and rapid-fire weaponry. Equipped with enough attachment points for added loadout customization to turn the tide in any battle, you can focus on standing your ground and defending what's important. The Achilles sacrifices speed for endurance, and has become a strategic asset for military, police and many no-nonsense mercs.

In Alpha 2.6, the Achilles can be purchased from Cubby Blast in Area 18 and Garrity Defence on Port Olisar.



Achilles Heavy Armor Notes & Tips

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