890 Jump

Manufacturer Origin Jumpworks GMBH
Focus  Luxury Touring
Maximum Crew  5
Standalone Price  
Length  123 meters
Mass  202,500 Kg
Cargo Capacity  360
Primary Engines  6 x TR5
Maneuvering thrusters  10 x TR3
Power Plant  1 x S6
Unmanned turret  3 x S4
Manned turret  2 x S5
Capital Pylon  1 x TBD
Max Shield  1 x S6
Additional Equipment  2 x S1

890 Jump General Information

With an elegant, sleek exterior that belies its spacious interior, the 890 Jump is a true engineering marvel; crafted to impress from every angle by combining a unique, innovative design with the finest materials and the most advanced technology. The result is a vessel that is in a class all of its own, a masterpiece worthy of the name ORIGIN.



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Tips & Notes

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